Workshops & Services

Since 1992 Dawn Fleming has been leading retreats and teaching workshops that empower women to step into their power and embrace all that life has to offer. After experiencing a turbulent menopause, Dawn is committed to offering workshops, classes, and retreats that assist women in menopause and beyond to move through this phase feeling energy, joy, and grace. Considering herself a catalyst for positive change, Dawn uses her life coaching experience and knowledge of energy to assist women to adapt, integrate, and assimilate the components of this amazing transformation. Her goal is to empower women to embrace the changes that are occurring and create something worth celebrating through this time of shedding what holds us down so that we can spread our wings!.

Dawn has a free webinar planned in the fall and an online pilot program titled Finding Your North-Thriving in Menopause.If you would like to be added to her email list for her quarterly inspirational newsletter that includes all of her upcoming classes, send Dawn an email at

Dates for the upcoming webinar and pilot program will be listed on this page.

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