Women are Raving about Heat Rising

image of dawn fleming with book
I started reading this with my morning coffee, intending to read a few pages – and enjoyed it so much I read it straight through! Well written and very entertaining, I laughed out loud more than once. I am really glad I read this – now I have a better idea of what to expect in the coming years, and some techniques to use to deal with symptoms when they arise.
Kerry Blank

Heat Rising definitely offers a road map for women who are in menopause. When I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. While being both funny and practical, it gives hope to women who are experiencing the often times crazy-making feelings and mood changes that can occur during this phase of life. Dawn shares the wisdom and courage of her own journey which provides a sense of “okayness” and comfort to women in menopause. I think so highly of the helpful and humorous content in this book that I ordered one for my niece in another state. She loved reading the book and said it gave her a better, and lighter, perspective of what she was going through.
This book is also for men whose female partners are in menopause. It really helps to shed light on an issue that often is denied and therefore sets the stage for more intimate conversations to occur. It’s the real deal!
Linda Roebuck

Wow! Dawn Fleming’s “Heat Rising” reads like a funny, best-girlfriends’ travelog though Menopause. Dawn expertly guides us through this new and bewildering land of challenges, dark sinister forces and the not-to-be missed attractions of the journey though “M” with intelligence, humor and a well-seasoned strategy for recognizing and avoiding the pitfalls– as well as basking in the hard-won beauties of this new land. Sage and helpful practical advice as well as guidance for the emotional and spiritual transformation awaiting women crossing this frontier into the next fabulous chapter in life. A life-changing guide for how to survive this life-changing journey– and thrive!
Ann M. Reid

I am so thankful for being guided to read this book at this point in my life. I would read a little bit, day by day, and it would lift my spirit or make me chuckle. By being honest and open about her life and experiences with menopause, it has helped me feel a little less alone in what I am experiencing. Dawn gives some great advice for coping with these changes, brings humor and lightheartedness to a tough topic, but most importantly, she points out the positive aspects about this time.

Heat Rising is funny, enlightening and an inspirational guide and invitation to all women in or near menopause. Brilliant!
Fran Walsh

This is a navigation manual for moving through the rough road of menopause. Glad Dawn wrote what I needed to hear, which helped me to get rid of my anxiety, guilt, and hot flashes and to get focused on what I really want in my life. Thank you!

The best book I have read on menopause! Great advice. A must read for this crazy stage.