Tips for Reducing Stress, Part II

In the Spring newsletter I wrote Tips for Reducing Stress, Part 1. You can read that article here. When we reduce stress, we strengthen our physical body, find clarity and peace. We become more present and find more viable solutions to those stressors. With less stress, we have more energy to do the things that bring more joy. With that said, here are some more tips for reducing stress.

Learn to meditate. Meditation has a lasting calming effect. Studies show that it reduces blood pressure, calms the nervous system, creates clarity of mind, and a deep sense of inner peace. Meditation is easy to learn and can be practiced almost anywhere, anytime.

Get creative. When we engage our creative side, stress melts away. Draw, paint, write, build! When we express our creativity, the anxious, stressed out energy is quieted. Our mind is focused on bringing something to life instead of on thoughts that create turbulence.

Forgive. Forgiveness allows us to let go of past scenarios that increase stress levels every time we focus on an old story. When we do not forgive we keep the negativity from the past alive and create on-going stress. Forgiving yourself and others releases heavy energy that we have been housing within our mind, heart and body. Forgiveness offers freedom and it creates lasting peace.

Movement. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, dancing, running, biking and walking are all great ways to let go of pent-up stress energy stored in your body. Some movements strengthen our body and mind, while others create more joy in our life. Movement is anti-aging, raises our energy levels, and reduces stress.
Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Stress cannot be in the same place as joy. Find people that make us laugh and laugh with them. If you have a lot of friends that focus on stressful things, it might be time to find new friends. Also, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will make us roll with laughter. Joy is infectious. Share joy with others and put an end to stress altogether.

Many years ago I was focused on a negative situation. The stress of focusing on it all the zapped me of my energy. It was quite depressing to say the least. I realized that this was not my normal way of being in life and I did not like the hole I had dug down into with the constant stress-filled thoughts. I just wanted to scream, “Get me out of here.” It really was a turning point in my life. Wanting to have a different experience and to find my joy for life again, I embraced all of the tips that I shared in these two articles. Over several months, my life turned around and I found real happiness that continues to support the life that I desire.

The only person that can help you to reduce or get rid of stress is you. We cannot point our finger at others and blame them for our stress. When you point a finger at someone there are four more pointing back at you. Pick one or several of these recommendations to begin letting go of your stress. You will love the lasting long-term effects of a body and mind that feels and expresses peace and calm. If you get stuck, find a good life coach to help you step through the process of empowering yourself!

Dawn Fleming, Soul Life Coach and Reiki Master,




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