IMG_20140923_083158_509Life is not over when menopause arrives. A new chapter of life worth celebrating is just beginning. Menopause makes us pay attention to our body’s needs while it also pushes us to redefine, rise up, and be who we are meant to be. When the heat rises many women want to hide under a rock or cry through what seems to be a never ending cycle of crazy changes. They get lost in the matrix of challenges and decreasing hormones and lose hope for life to be something that they can celebrate.

Heat Rising offers women a road map for this stage of their life as the fire inside burns away the past and reveals them anew. Learn how this internal fire can empower you to become the wise Sage.

Dawn wrote this Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive Through Menopause to provide women entering and into the throws of menopause wisdom on what really works for their life on all levels. When she started menopause at 49 there was not a lot of good information on how to deal with what life just dealt her – raging hot flashes, a foggy mind and anxiety. You are not alone; 6,000 women a day enter menopause. Heat Rising will take you from barely surviving to thriving!

Dawn Fleming gives inspiration, hope, and wisdom to women traversing through menopause. This humorous yet insightful book takes you  through the various stages of menopause from discovering the discomforts that show up at all the wrong times, to learning ways to survive, and then embracing your ability to thrive and to create the life that you want.  Dawn shares what she learned through her own personal journey and offers women advice on how to handle the physical, emotional, and mental trials.

Make this book your next book club read. Open the conversation to empowering women during this stage of life.

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If you love our book, please tell other women about it! No menopausal woman should suffer in silence. P.S. My husband loved the book. He said, he finally understands what I was going through.

10% of all proceeds will go to both Susan Komen Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project.

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