Take the First Step to Embrace Your Heart’s Desire

The words change or reinvention for many can seem very scary. Especially with menopause, The Change is downright scary. Why change if I do not need to, many people ask? When I truly desire that something new in my life – a reinvention or transformation, change is necessary. Fear of change causes paralyzes, stopping all momentum toward reaching any goal. A woman in menopause does not have much choice but to take her courageous and curious self and to lean into what is calling her. She surely does not want to get stuck in of all those uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.

The biggest hurdle in a most cases is moving through the fear and taking that first step. When I take that first step the fear begins to quiet and more energy is provided to address the steps that follow in process.

Let’s look at fear. It holds you in the past in a comfortable awkward kind of way. If change is not made when it is needed, stress will result and more and more of what is not wanted develops. Fear makes the unknown of what might happen very scary. Fear engages the emotions and mind and convinces the mind not to change. How can these fears be quieted? Johnathan Fields, a master of reinvention, in his TED talk discusses reframing fear into fuel by asking questions concerning your fears to quiet them. These questions include: what will my life look like if I change and do not like it, what happens if I do nothing, and what happens if I succeed and like the change? By answering these questions, clarity is gained, a plan begins to unfold, and that fear-filled inner voice quieted.

Human potential speaker Carly Fiorina states that courage is acting in spite of fear and that having a vision of something worth striving for is imperative. Create a vision for this change. See it and feel the reinvention that you desire. With that vision in mind, take that first step. Act in spite of fear. If you do not like the result, there always are other acceptable options. However, if you love the results, even better. Imagine the joy that it would create.

Taking that first step provides the knowledge and experience that it really is not that scary and you can do it. It makes it easier to continue to create the desired changes as more options of what might bring joy are explored. This experience will make it easier to take that first step for the next makeover on the list.

Life is not meant to become stagnant, but to change and to flourish. Your life can be opened in new positive ways just by taking that first step. Why live life in a bubble of stagnation, when you can live it fully and embrace all that it has to offer.

Dawn Fleming http://www.energytransformations.org