Menopause: A Time to Reinvent Yourself

Menopause has been called the change of life. It is called that for a reason. There is not only physical changes going on within you, there are also calls for change in other areas of your life being called for within. There are many ways that you can reinvent your life. Sometimes reinventing your life occurs because change is forced upon you such as menopause, losing your job, divorce, or the children leave home. Other times reinventing is a choice. However, nothing changes in our life if we do not embrace the process of change. You may ask, where would a woman in her wise years begin this quest to reinvent herself?

One step for reinventing yourself is to identify the change that you want to make and align yourself with the change. Sit down with a pen and paper. Ask yourself what areas of your life do you feel calling you for change? Write down everything that immediately comes to your mind. Is there a theme? If there is, label what this theme is. It might be career where you are being called to do something else, or a theme might be health, changing your diet and adding exercise and supplements.

When you see the theme that is unfolding, think about all the possible positive outcomes that can come from these changes. Sit back and close your eyes. Take your time to imagine what your life would look like as it is being reinvented in the way that you want it to be. Let the images unfold to support the theme that you wrote down on your pad. See yourself in this state of total reinvention in areas of your life that you chose.Imagine it, feel it, see it coming into being in all areas of your life for the better. Feel your energy levels increasing to support the joy that comes with your reinvention.

Take the words from the visioning exercise and create a vision statement for the desired changes.

A vision statement provides:

  • a road map
  • a focal point to create momentum to change
  • prioritization around what actions are truly important and needed
  • a manifestation of the heart’s desire

It could be a couple of sentences. These statements should be written as if the changes are already happening. Add the desired results into your vision statement along with the how it will feel to have it completely manifested.

Example: Theme – improve health. My vision statement – I restore my health and well-being through: making healthy choices when I eat, add juicing into my diet, commit to daily exercise, meditation, and yoga. My transformed self, is 15 or more pounds lighter, fit better into my clothes or even a smaller size, have more energy, feel less stress, and enjoy life more fully. I look and feel amazing! I am truly happy.

Post your vision statement in your purse, on your refrigerator, at work, all over the place. Write the vision statement and begin taking the appropriate steps to align with it. Taking that first step is very important and can be a powerful catalyst for more positive change. The fun is just beginning!

Dawn Fleming