Embracing the Sage, Raising Our Energy in Menopause

Menopause for many women is considered a four letter word. The difficult physical, emotional, and mental changes presented during menopause make us question is life going to ever get better. As the hormones decrease and play havoc with our lives, we begin to question whether we will live our dream. We even question what is our dream, now that our energy levels are lessened, our emotions ruffled, and our mind fogged. Where did our zest for life go?

Yes, menopause does presented us with many unwanted changes, but we can take an active role in learning how to manage our life energy differently. Menopause is a time in our lives when change is forced on us because our bodies are changing. We look around at the world in which we live and question our role and whether we can be as good or as fast as the younger workers who have different skill sets. Do our children still need us? We notice more of what is changing around us and question where we fit it. This makes us feel exhausted and lost.

In many tribes, when a women loses her monthly cycle and enters menopause, she is considered a Sage – a woman of wisdom. She is not left by the curbside for the newer model, but embraced by the community as having a new role –mentor, wisdom keeper, teacher, and community advisor. Instead of being diminished by society as she ages, she is honored and valued. She has earned her seat at the table of honorees.

Our attitudes either fuel or diminish our energy levels. If we can learn to accept the changes that are occurring in our body and life, we will have more energy instead of losing it as we resist the changes. When we can replace the image in our mind of what we have been seeing in the mirror as aging and no longer significant, to seeing the wise and honored Sage, our energy responds to supports this new image. We begin to align our emotions and mind to find new ways that we can contribute at home and at work as well as in our community. When we acknowledge the wisdom within, we can help other women through the various stages of life that they are engaged in. But if we engage in a battle within our own being of feeling like we have nothing to contribute, this battle will just continue and our energy levels will plummet. Take a breath and breathe into your heart and mind the word Sage. How does it feel? Do this several more times and begin owning the wisdom that you truly have to share with the world. Believe me, the circle of women need you. Embrace and engage your inner Sage, and your energy shift will be appreciated by many.

Dawn Fleming   http://www.energytransformations.org